#ThatTimeOfTheMonth #NoShame

Aunt Flo. The curse. Mother Nature. Shark week. Monthlies. On the rag. Bloody Mary. Monthly flu. Moon time. Crimson Wave

These are some of the euphemisms we use in the U.S. to refer to periods. Which also is a euphemism for menstruation.

We use euphemisms because society tells us it is impolite to talk about menstruation publicly. It’ll make people uncomfortable. It’s embarrassing. It’s gross.

It’s natural.

We are kicking off a year-long “That Time of the Month” campaign that we hope will begin to destigmatize menstruation and normalize talking about this natural process that more than half our population will experience for years of their lives.

  • We will release a new, free, downloadable coloring sheet each month.

  • We will slay menstrual myths.

  • We will bring up period poverty.

  • We will ask why menstrual products aren’t as common and free in public restrooms as toilet paper.

  • We will talk about the difficulty of menstruating while homeless.

  • We will discuss how not all menstruators are women and the challenges this brings.

  • We will appear monthly at various coed locations in the Tri-Cities TN area with menstrual hygiene product coloring sheets and literature as well as opportunities for folks to help provide menstrual hygiene products to neighbors in need and support our work.

Some upcoming locations include Model City Tap House in Kingsport, TriPride in Kingsport, and the Umoja festival in Johnson City. We will keep you posted here, on Facebook (@rise.healthyforlife), and on Instagram (@risehfl) as more locations commit!

This initiative is funded in part by a grant from the Fund for Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility.

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