Houston, we have a vision!

RISE’s leadership team met for a retreat at the end of March to formalize our vision and mission and begin to identify our objectives, strengths, and challenges.

So here we go!


RISE provides and promotes responsible, inclusive sexuality education that empowers all people to be healthy for life in a culture of consent, inclusion, and compassion.


RISE ethically and sustainably builds:

  • A positive, evidence-based, holistic approach to sexuality education.

  • Cultural competency.

  • Relationships with partners and communities.

This work is driven by people with diverse skills, experiences, and identities based on research and identified needs.

Some of our objectives include educating the public, caregivers, and legislators, financial sustainability, building capacity, literature and curriculum development, developing a research program, and continuing staff education.

Our greatest strength is the tremendous support we have received from you, community members and our community partners as well as the trust and respect we nurture within RISE. Oh and the fact that we’re the only game in town.

You can probably guess that finances are one of our biggest challenges. And there are several ways you can help out with that!

And please spread the word: Free access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and responsible, inclusive sexuality education are the best ways to reduce unintended pregnancy and STI contraction.

And these are just primary results. Secondary results include lower rates of child poverty, better educational and work opportunities, lower rates of teen depression and suicide, especially among LGBTQIA+ youth, due to bullying and misinformation, and, we believe, lower rates of sexual assault and domestic violence.

You can read more about these ideas in the Chattanooga Mayor’s Council for Women’s August 2016 Policy Paper.

Cind HussComment