Menstrual Hygiene Products--the Long-term Costs


Have you considered how menstrual hygiene products can affect the lifelong earning potential of people who menstruate? If you do not menstruate you might never have bought these products. They are not covered by SNAP beneifts. Mostly they are not covered by other supplemental aid programs. And in Tennessee they are taxed. 9.5% in Kingsport.

  • Once a month or so a significant number of us must fork over cash that the rest of us can hold on to.

  • Once a month some children and youth miss school or leave early due to their lack of menstrual hygiene products, which can affect their school performance.

  • Once a month some youth and adults may miss some work for the same reason.

  • Once a month some menstruators try to make due with homemade pads of toilet paper or paper towels.

In 2017 the Illinois state legislature passed a law to make menstrual hygiene products available free to students in bathrooms in every high school. One student, and then a movement, pushed for more when their school followed the letter but not the spirit of the law. Read all about that here.

Two similar bills (HB1483 and SB1046) are working their way through the Tennessee legislature. Two further bills (HB0095 and SB0060) would eliminate sales tax on menstrual hygiene.

If you live in Tennessee, please consider contacting your legislators and asking them to cosponsor these bills.

Cind HussComment