Most guardians aren’t sure how to start talking with their kids about sex and sexuality. How much is too much? How do I know what’s developmentally appropriate? How early should I start? If I do it wrong am I going to scar them for life?

These worries are totally normal, but it simply starts with teaching the medical names for body parts…like nose.

RISE: Healthy for Life’s educators are happy meet with your church group, play group, parents’ group, homeschool group, etc. to offer a half-hour rundown on how to talk to your kids about the scary stuff (and everyone’s idea of the scary stuff is different) and how to keep the lines of communication open.

Communicating openly about sex and sexuality leads to confident children who appreciate and understand the wonder of their bodies. Studies show that children who are comfortable talking with their parents about sex and sexuality are less likely to become victims of predators. And kids who have fact-based information for making decisions are less likely to participate in risky behaviors.

Half an hour is a small sacrifice for your child's life-long health!

  • Babies and through preschoolers.

  • Elementary kids.

  • Junior high and high school youth.

A half-hour group class (two facilitators) for any of these level is a flat $50 fee.