Does abortion cause mental illness?


Take it with a grain of salt.

Even if (especially if)
it validates your
point of view.

At a meeting today I heard the following statistic from an Authority Figure:

“Women who have had an abortion are 81% more likely to experience mental illness, including anxiety, depression, and addiction.”

And I wondered, “is this causation or correlation?”

The Authority Figure then went on to suggest that people who are trusted adults and really care for pregnant adolescents might encourage them not to have an abortion so they don’t end up with mental illness, anxiety, depression, or addiction.

And then we moved on.

And the Authority Figure was very well intentioned, but something seemed way off to me.

So I came back to the office and did a little research. An important second part of this statistic is:

“The study found that 10 percent of these issues could be linked to the woman’s abortion.”

And there was not necessarily a causal relationship.

Several studies have been done, and you can find out more as well as find links to them here. Many of the studies seem to have conflicting results, so take every one with a grain of salt, even (or maybe especially) the ones that seem to support your point of view.

However, there is no definitive evidence among them that abortion has a lasting detrimental affect on mental health and it certainly has not been established that the link is causal rather than correlational.

From the article:

“While abortion and mental health are correlated in women, it is rare for the medical procedure to trigger mental health problems when it is obtained legally and safely. It is more likely that these issues existed prior to the procedure or that the same stresses leading to the abortion triggered poor mental health.”


Cind HussComment